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PC Audio Editing

autor: Roger Derry
ISBN: 0-240-51697-4
liczba stron: 245
rok wydania: 2002
zawiera: CD
wydawca: Focal Press

dostępność: NA ZAMÓWIENIE

CENA: 187.95 PLN

do koszyka

do koszyka

PC Audio Editing is an essential guide for anyone wishing to make audio productions for use as recordings, or for broadcast, using a Windows PC and material acquired both in the studio and via portable equipment.
Even those experienced with editing and mixing using quarter inch tape can find the change to editing audio visually on a PC daunting. The author explains all the basic principles of this new technology and the skills you need to use it successfully, without assuming prior knowledge of the system, in a practical and straightforward manner.

This second edition introduces the reader to the new advances in the latest version of Cool Edit Pro, 2.0. The programme has been packed full of features from CD burning to MP3 streaming, all of which are covered in this juicy reference.

  • Provides invaluable information for those using computerized audio systems for the first time

  • Keep up to date with latest advances including audio authoring for the web, MP3 and streaming and CD burning.

The accompanying free CD-ROM is supplied by Syntrillium Software Corporation. It contains demos and tutorials of the latest version showing off all the new features and the new flashy software design.  


  • Visual Editing
  • Some Technical Bits
  • Hardware and Software requirements
  • Acquisition
  • Transfer to computer
  • Editing
  • Quarrying material
  • Structuring material
  • Multitrack
  • Production
  • Post Production
  • Audio Design
  • Reviewing material
  • Mastering
  • CD burning
  • Archiving
  • Tweaks
  • Appendix
  • Glossary

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