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Access All Areas. A Real World Guide to Gigging and Touring

autor: T. Wilkins
ISBN: 978-0-240-52044-5
liczba stron: 288
rok wydania: 2007; czas dostawy 8 tyg.
wydawca: Focal Press

dostępność: NA ZAMÓWIENIE

CENA: 141.75 PLN

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do koszyka

Key Features

  • Gain expert advice on key practical areas of the live music scene and what's involved in putting a show together
  • Benefit from Wilkins' extensive industry experience
  • Learn how to stage an event in any venue


From arranging the venue, paperwork and stage equipment to arriving, the set-up and sound check, Access All Areas covers all the essentials for those working, and wanting to work in, the music touring industry. Drawing on his years of experience Trev Wilkins provides practical and down to earth advice for sound engineers, technicians and crew working in the live music scene, focusing on the actual shows and what's involved in putting them together whether it's a sell out area show or a one off club gig.

By providing industry standard information, relevant to all venues: clubs, churches, concert halls, outdoor festivals, the book enables those with little prior knowledge to quickly learn and apply the information successfully to real sit


  1. Getting started
  2. We are family
  3. Ready to rock, but is your gear?
  4. Hello - Rehearsals and meetings
  5. Arranging the gigs
  6. The knowledge - Basics that you need to know
  7. Speakers and amps
  8. Microphones and DI boxes
  9. Monitoring
  10. EQ, dynamics and effects
  11. Mixing - Consoles and how they work
  12. Connections - Plugs, sockets and cables
  13. Lighting
  14. Arrival - The venue and setting up
  15. Testing one, two - The soundcheck
  16. Good evening - The show
  17. Goodnight - After the show
  18. There and back again - Transport and accommodation,

Real-life examples,
Theater Glossary

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