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Recording Music on Location

autor: Bruce Barlett Jenny Bartlett
ISBN: 978-0-240-80891-8
liczba stron: 320
rok wydania: 2006; czas dostawy 4 tyg.
wydawca: Focal Press

dostępność: NA ZAMÓWIENIE

CENA: 192.00 PLN

do koszyka

do koszyka

With only one chance to get it right, live recording is possibly the most exciting, whether it is a band in a club or an orchestra in a concert hall your job is to capture that performance and bring it back alive.

Recent developments and  emerging technology in portable digital multitrack recorders and high quality mixers have made on location recording easier than ever. Dividing music recording into two distinct section, popular and classical, Recording Music on Location focuses on the special techniques used for recording outside the confines of the studio. Covering all aspects of live recording from miking techniques for sourround sound, pre session procedures and set up and recording to mixing and editing, real world examples of recording a blues band and an orchestra complete the book.


Part 1: Popular Music Recording (Rock, country, jazz, folk. R&B, gospel, Christian and so on)

  1. Gear for Live Recording
  2. Recording Techniques from Simple to Complex
  3. Before the Session: Planning
  4. At the Session: Set up and Recording
  5. After the Session: Mixing and Editing
  6. A Real World Example: Recording a Blues Band in a Club

Part 2: Classical Music Recording (Orchestra, string quartet, pipe organ, choir, solist)

  1. Microphone Specificatons
  2. Overwiev of Stereo Microphone Techniques
  3. Stereo Recording Procedures
  4. Surround-Sound Miking Techniques
  5. Troubleshooting Stereo Sound
  6. Stereo, Surround, Binaural Microphones and Accessories

A Stereo Imaging Theory
B Specific Free-Field Stereo Microphone Techniques
C Stereo Boundary-Microphone Arrays
D Binaural Techniques


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